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Uphold the profession of Athletic Training, the BOC’s Standards of Practice, & NATA’s Code of Ethics, to the best of my ability by serving my patients with humility, compassion, empathy, honesty and integrity; appreciating the specialized capabilities and skills of other health care professionals and work as an advocate for the needs of my patients within my scope of practice.  I will strive to advance the profession of Athletic Training through the promotion of evidence based research and scholarship.  I will use evidence based practice as the foundation of my clinical practice.  I will arrive on time to my responsibilities, use my clinic time wisely, present myself as a highly qualified professional and present my clinic as a highly qualified place of practice.





Strive to provide evidence based, reflective methods of rehabilitation designed to treat the root cause of dysfunction as well as the whole patient.  Only choosing modalities/treatments which will provide the maximum therapeutic benefit, to the best of my ability.  The utmost respect given to the patient’s time, well-being, optimism, and dysfunction, while doing my best to restore health and function, without increasing social stigma.

Acknowledging the BOC’s Standards of Practice, while looking to enhance these standards in order to always provide the greatest therapeutic benefit to my patients.  Upholding the NATA’s Code of Ethics to the fullest, providing valid data from my reflective rehabilitative methods to advance the future of athletic training.

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